DJ NicholasDJ Nicholas, birth name Nicholas Vaccianna Eccleston, Born the 29th of October 1980 known in his early years as ‘nameless’ and produced dub plates (personalized songs) for sound systems such as ‘Nemesis and ‘Flawless.’ During this period, he began searching for his true identity; one night, he had a dream in which he saw fire falling from the heavens. In his dream, there was a Rastafarian in his house saying to him that he must know himself. As a result, he sought refuge in the Rastafarian faith believing that Selassie was God and became totally immersed in the Religion. Knowing that he was raised in a Christian home, he prayed for God’s guidance because he was confused about the path he was taking. While studying the bible intensely, he stumbled on Acts 4:12 which reads,”…There is no other name under Heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” This passage made him realize that Jesus Christ is the only way. Praises be to God, he received the word with thanksgiving. As a result, he shaved his hair and turned fully to the Bible for guidance and inspiration. He made the bold step of attending a church crusade at the New Life Assembly of God, Constant Spring Road. There, he got saved and baptized.

With the passion of knowing Christ, came another passion…the passion of gospel music. He pursued his dreams of doing God’s music by approaching Tommy Cowan who recorded his first single ‘Barrier’. Nicholas continued to produce songs such as “Pop off the Word” and collaborated with Kerron Ennis on “Holy Ghost Church.” He has worked on projects for Prodigal Son such as ‘Recharge’ which played a great part in his earlier development.

Nicholas released his first Album in 2005 titled, ‘DJ Nicholas on the Shout.

He won the Artist of the Year Award and the New Artist of the Year Award at the Maja Awards 2006 in Kingston Jamaica. He also won, New Gospel Artiste Award at the Joe Higgs Music Awards 2006 in Florida, he was also one of the contenders for this year’s big prize, Album of the Year for his debut project “On the Shout.” DJ Nicholas tied for the top nomination spot for the Caribbean Gospel Music Marlin Awards 2006 receiving a whopping twelve (12) nominations, where he also won New Artist of the Year and Duo of the Year for Holy Ghost Church. He was also nominated by the 2007 Teen Jamaica Observer Awards for Gospel Artiste of the Year and is also one of the contenders for the 2008 Youth View Awards Gospel Artiste of the Year nominated alongside Prodigal Son and Goddy Goddy. DJ Nicholas recently completed his second Album called, “Louder Than Ever,” and for the month of June 2008 he was Artiste of the month for the Star newspaper.