Join the Righteous Rockers Movement!

The Righteous Rockers Movement Street Team is a program that offers Music Festival perks such as a free ticket, VIP Upgrade, and more in exchange for promoting the Festival by distributing flyers and online posts.

How to Promote:

Pass out handbills/flyers to coworkers, church members, friends, before and/or after each show/party you attend, etc. with a big smile on your face!

Depending on where you are distributing, it will likely be upwards of 100 handbills minimum for any handout/event. Be excited! This is a great opportunity and should be fun!

Note: You are not allowed to be promoting anything other than the Righteous Rockers Music Festival when you are promoting. This includes selling any merchandise/tickets. If we learn that you are promoting or selling any non-festival content, you will be removed from the street team immediately.

Promoting at Festivals

Promoting at other festivals is encouraged as well.

Online Promotion

Everyone on the Street Team is expected to be promoting the Righteous Rockers Music Festival consistently online. Social Media updates (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) are the most obvious (and most important) method, but we welcome any form of online promotion. If you have an idea, or a question as to whether an update or online action is okay, please contact us.

We want to make this as easy as possible for you, while keeping our brand looking professional, so please take care to double check your posts for details like the correct festival name (“Righteous Rockers Music Festival”) and 2018 dates.


Post updates to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, message boards, and more featuring Righteous Rockers Music Festival. Be sure to highlight the Festival’s artists and official announcements, and remember to provide a link to buy tickets when applicable. When possible, try to directly share / retweet / reblog Righteous Rockers Movement’s updates. Please use the official 2018 hashtag #RRMFest18 when relevant!


Make your own status, share RRM’s Status, or invite your friends to purchase tickets.


Post images and content you find that’s relevant to the Righteous Rockers Music Festival while tagging @RRMovement and/or using #RRMFest18 hashtag.


Post images uploaded from your phone or take pictures of Festival content. Images must be posted to your story. Primarily should be used for big announcements.


Seek out and join communities of music fans online. Popular message boards and forums, music websites, Reddit, Facebook groups and more can be effective in spreading the word.

Ideal posts in these communities are organic – we aren’t looking for press releases! Ask questions like “Who’s going to the Righteous Rockers Music Festival?” or “Which of the artists added to the Righteous Rockers Music Festival’s lineup are you most excited for?”.

AVOID SPAMMING! We suggest up to 6 posts a week TOTAL, with a maximum 2 posts on a channel per week. Ex: 2 Facebook post, 2 tweets, 1 Instagram post, 1 Snap.

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